Visibility Week

The Invisibility week is finally, and it is followed by the Visibility Week. This means a lot of cool events!

  • Breakfast
    • at FS Winf
    • Tue, 14.05. 09:00-12:00
  • Waffles
    • courtyard Favoritenstraße 9
    • Wed, 15.05. 13:00-17:00
    • Thu, 16.05. 10:00-16:00
  • Flunkyball
    • courtyard Favoritenstraße 9
    • Thu, 16.05. ab 20:00

Invisibility week

This week is invisibility week for us! This means that the Fachschaft stays locked and all our services are cancelled for the next week.

This week @ FS Winf

  • Tue, 12.3. 19:00: FS-Meeting
    Topics among others: IT-Talk briefing, organise a hackathon someday, internal policies, purchases
  • Thu, 14.3. 17:00: Bouldering-Tut
    Meet-Up at the owl of the TU Library.
  • Thu, 14.3. 19:00 EiadB (Es ist auch dein Bier; It’s your beer as well)
    We show you the best bars around uni and talk about topics you’re interested in.
    Meet-Up FS Winf.

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Welcome to summer semester 2019!

Welcome to the new semester! We planned a lot for this semester to offer you great events and to represent you effectively.

Come by tomorrow, Thu after 11:00 and get to know us and other students while enjoying free waffels!

In the afternoon we want to meet you again. Drop in after your last lecture and have a drink with us. If you started to study this semester the first beer is free for you!

Do you fancy Bouldering, Sauna or EiadB as well as many other events to make your semester more pleasant? Have a look at

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