IT-Talk 2019

At IT-Talk we want to bring you interesting speakers from the industry and science to TU Wien! You get the chance to listen to exciting IT topics you wouldn’t normally hear about in your lectures. After the talks you can get in touch with the speakers while enjoying a free buffet.


20 March 2019 – 18:30


Lecture room EI 7, TU Wien

Gußhausstraße 27, 1040 Vienna


Free – no registration required!

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about the topics

Let‘s Move the World to Cloud and Serverless!
Serverless is one of the current hot topics. Through Serverless it’s actually possible to run mostly without ops and scale from 0 to (practically) infinity.

In this talk we’re going to check out what Serverless actually is, what it means and what the current implementation options are (including DIY). This is not a simple „Cloud = Awesome“ sales-pitch, it’s about analysing and explaining what Serverless and Cloud generally are good for and what the current state of art is.

Dominik Wagenknecht (Accenture)
Generalizing Deep Learning without Labels
Deep Neural Networks are usually trained in a supervised fashion with the goal to successfully approximate the function between some input-output pairs (data). This could for example mean guessing the movie rating someone gave given the corresponding text of the review they wrote.

In this talk we will explore how we can teach neural networks without such specific labels and find out that they can learn remarkably interesting abstractions and policies without much guidance!

Eric Steinberger
Trainspotting at the Speed of Light
Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) is a technology that measures strain and vibration over distances of up to 50 km by sending a laser pulse down an optical fibre. Thus, it is possible to calculate and track the position of trains and to monitor the condition of railway infrastructure by investigating these signals.

In this talk the speakers will explain the principles of the technology and the challenges in the R&D department of Frauscher in order to develop a system based on DAS for usage in the railway industry.

Gavin Lancaster & Rene Zeilinger (Frauscher)
Smart Connected Products with a Holistic Approach
We´re living in a connected world that allows us to experience a new level of comfort in harmony with technology. Connecting products is not only about developing technical solutions, it´s about fulfilling needs that will shape future generations. Therefore, we need to understand the big picture in which we adapt technology to the needs of customers.

In this talk experts of Zühlke will introduce you to how to develop state-of-the-art Smart Connected Products, ranging from Sensor Technology and Connectivity to Cloud Architecture and Data Visualization – with insights in how to create a HoloLens App from the UX point-of-view.

Ines Lindner & Robert Sorschag (Zühlke)

about the speakers

Dominik is a Technical Architect at Accenture’s Emerging Technology practice based in Vienna. He did scalable architectures in many industries and has a particular focus on event driven and data-heavy systems. In his freetime he always loves to try out new programming languages (which can be quite a time-waster).
Eric is a 20-year-old, self-taught AI expert and researcher. He wants to take part in the research that makes general superhuman AI become reality in a safe and beneficial way.

This is why Eric started self-studying AI and Mathematics at the age of 15. Last year he did a research internship at TU Wien where he worked on AI and Robotics. Now he studies Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.


Gavin studied physics at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Since 2012 Gavin works at Frauscher and focuses on Distributed Acoustic Sensing in the railway industry.

Rene has been working in the Software Engineering industry for more than ten years. Since 2015 he works at Frauscher as a product manager where he focuses on a new sensor system based on Distributed Acoustic Sensing.

Ines is a UX Lead Consultant and skilled in all areas of experience design, eg ideation, user research, prototyping, interaction design and testing with users.

Robert is a Business Solution Manager and Lead Software Architect at Zühlke since November 2012. His focus lies on agile project management in the area of Visual Computing. In 2012 he finished his doctorate at TU Wien.


Volunteering students from Fachschaft Wirtschaftsinformatik und Data Science with the kind help of TU Career Center and HTU Wien.