Lange Nacht des Lernens

Lange Nacht des Lernens

The exam season is coming…

We want to support you in the final sprint of the semester. That is why, together with the Fachschaft Informatik, we will open the lecture and study rooms in Treitlstraße for a whole night.

date: Mon, 20.06.
from: 18:00
to: [open end]

Following rooms will be open:

  • Informatik Hörsaal (from 21:00)
  • FS Inf
  • ZID computer room
  • FS Winf
  • Seminarraum DE0110

Snacks und Softdrinks sind gratis; Bier (nur in den Fachschaften zu konsumieren), Mate und das übliche Sortiment gibt es wie immer zu kaufen.

Snacks and soft drinks are for free; beer (only to consume in the the Fachschafts-rooms), Mate and the usual offerings can be, as usual, bought.

In addition, at around 19:30 there will be free pizza at the Fachschafts-rooms.

We are looking forward to you!

link to the eventplatform:

Tuition fees extension curricula

Dear students of extension curricula!

Some of you probably got a notification or a warning in TISS that you need to pay tuition fees for your extension curriculum.

THIS IS NOT CORRECT. Theoretically now you would need to file a request of waiver of tuition fees; the HTU chair however, is already holding talks with the admission office to clear up the situation.

We want to encourage you NOT to pay the tuition fees and ignore the notification until the situation is cleared up.

We will keep you posted!


+++ UPDATE +++

As a short-term solution the filled out form “Antrag auf Erlass” needs to be sent to the admission office together with a confirmation of studies and the student id. An email to with the documents attached  is sufficient.

Long-term the problem will be saved with a TISS implementation (hopefully next semester). With this the tuition fees should be registered automatically.

Visibility Week

The Invisibility week is finally, and it is followed by the Visibility Week. This means a lot of cool events!

  • Breakfast
    • at FS Winf
    • Tue, 14.05. 09:00-12:00
  • Waffles
    • courtyard Favoritenstraße 9
    • Wed, 15.05. 13:00-17:00
    • Thu, 16.05. 10:00-16:00
  • Flunkyball
    • courtyard Favoritenstraße 9
    • Thu, 16.05. ab 20:00

Invisibility week

This week is invisibility week for us! This means that the Fachschaft stays locked and all our services are cancelled for the next week.