International Experience

At International Office you can find out everything about international mobility programmes. On their webpage you’ll see some useful information for exchange students coming to TU Wien (Incomings) as well.

On our page here we just give you a brief “best of” of the possible international experiences.

Possibilites for international experiences

Exchange semester

You can do an exchange semester inside Europe (Erasmus+) or worldwide (Joint Study). If you’re in your bachelor’s it’s probably easier to apply for an Erasmus spot. For the Joint Study programme master’s students are usually preferred and more often than not a recommendation letter is needed (e.g. from your bachelor’s thesis professor).


There are many mobility programmes which allow you to combine international experience and researching (including Erasmus). It is also possible to do your bachelor’s, master’s or PhD thesis abroad.

Further possibilities

With Erasmus Praktika (in German) you can do an internship in a company or research institute in an EEA member country or Turkey. fördert Praktika in Unternehmen oder Forschungseinrichtungen im EWR Raum und der Türkei. The Athens Programme (in German) offers academic one week courses in Europe. IAESTE offers worldwide internships.

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) offer courses in Europe for students of technology from Europe. They usually last a few days (about 11 days) and are very cheap (€ 50,- for the whole programme including food and accommodation)!

ESN Buddynetwork at TU Wien is here for exchange students coming to TU Wien. They provide every exchange student with a buddy and organise parties and trips.
Is your home university TU Wien? You can participate as a buddy and meet exciting people from all over the world!


The most important programme for doing an exchange semester in Europe is called Erasmus+. You’ll find detailed information about how to apply for that on the homepage of the International Office.

How does it work? The IO provides you with a check list (in German) to explain you the process.

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