The Team

Fachschaft Wirtschaftsinformatik und Data Science consists of all kinds of students who want to engage. 5 of them are elected Study Representatives.

In order to make sure our voluntary work can be continued in the future, it is very important that you support us and vote for our candidates at the ÖH-Elections to become Study Representatives. The elections are hold every two years in the middle of the summer semester! Otherwise it can’t be guaranteed that all our events continue to happen and that YOU are represented effectively!

The current team consists of the following people (ordered alphabetically by surname):


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Retired Fachschaft members: Benedikt Monarth-Hauser, Jakob Roniger, Kevin Beschorner, Lukas Mörtl, Marlene Hartmann, Mathias Markl, Max Moser, Nicole Haberberger, Tanja Travnicek, Leonhard ‘Lön’ Brunner, Florian Boigner, Roscoe Baston, Chris, Stefanie Rumpold, Thomas, Ziegelbecker, Niko Frimmel, Benjamin Gauss, Alexander Ortner, Matthias Trümmel, Marco Bareis, Oliver Zech, Lukas Kinigadner, Simon Steyskal, Ramin Djalili, Alexander Bohn, Florian Heder, Konrad Wieland, Philip Langer, Bernhard Scholz, Sergey ‘Jin’ Bostandzhyan, Christian Url, Simon Tragatschnig, Jo Aberidis, Marion Brandsteidl, Klaus Brunner, Nina Forst, Andreas Gaber, Heidrun Gartner, Michael Ilger, Gerda Jelleschitz, Selda Kocbay, Ulrich Liener, Cornelia Paleczny, Barbara Pischel, Carl Rauch, Bernhard Rengs, Sue Schwarz, Andreas Tomek, Patrick Vogl, Leonhard Wimmer, Severin Winkler, Marco Zapletal

Do you want do join us?

Only through your support we are able to continue representing your interests! All of our members are students who work voluntarily and don’t receive any financial benefit.

You can help us by…

  • voting for our candidates at the ÖH-Elections.
  • coming to us and telling your ideas about how to improve the studies and study conditions.
  • working together with us. Keep in mind that it’s not always necessary to be in charge of big tasks. We are happy if people come to help us at our events or join our FS-meetings as well!

We always need help and are glad for everyone who wants to join and work together with us to fulfill our goals. If you are interested in our work, like helping other students or if you just have a cool idea that you want to realize with us, just come to one of our FS-meetings (details in our calendar) or get in touch with us.