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HTU and it’s units (Referate)

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  • VoWi – The so called “Vorlesungswiki” for all Informatics units is where you can find past exams, excercises, lecture notes and tips for all units. It is undoubtedly the most important link for the Bachelor programme!
  • Mattermost of FS Inf(in German) Discuss with other students about the units you’re taking or get genreal advice and support. Mattermost is a messaging platform managed by the Student Union for Informatics (FS Inf). Registration is only possible for students of TU Wien.
  • TOSS – the better TISS search (powered by FS Inf)
  • Informatik Forum(in German) Sometimes you would find stuff that’s not available in VoWi in this forum but nowadays it’s not really active anymore.
  • Guide to find directions to all lecture rooms
  • INTU(in German) Stationer’s shop for books and sutdy utensils with a student discount. Located at Freihaus and in the library
  • Federal aid for students
  • Psychological counseling
  • Jobs and housing platform – (in German)
  • Springer Link – Free books to download of the Springer publishing house (accessible in the TU Wien network only)
  • Fachschaft Doktorat – If you are interested in doing a doctorate after you graduated

For exchange or international students

  • International Office TU Wien – All about exchange semesters and international experiences (as well as for exchange students coming to TU Wien)
  • ESN Buddynetwork TU Wien – A buddy programme for Erasmus and Exchange students. Get a buddy assigned to you who helps you if you have any questions during your studies here. ESN organises many events like parties and trips for exchange students as well.
    Your home university is TU Wien? Become a buddy and meet exciting people from all over the world!

TU Wien

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