Fachschaft Rooms


You don’t like the commonly known study rooms at TU Wien because they are too packed and too loud? We understand that. That’s why we offer you great study rooms at our Fachschaft you can use anytime during our opening times and more often than not much longer than them as well!

One big advantage of studying in our Fachschaft is that there’re often other students with either the same problems as you or such ones who’ve already done your courses. They can help you by explaining certain topics or by giving you very valuable tips. Furthermore, we’ve got a small library with books and lecture notes which you can use anytime too.

We’re all studying Informatics and like to work with our laptops, right? Because of that we provide you with spare displays to conveniently work in split screen mode!


You can use our printer to print, scan and copy anytime you want for free. You can connect your device to the printer using Wi-Fi (the details are written on the pin board) or via USB.

In addition, we can provide you with common stationary items.

Charging station

You forgot to charge your phone or laptop? No need to worry! We’ve got a charging station and several laptop chargers for you to be able to charge all of your devices.

Take a break and chill

You can have a break in the main room of our Fachschaft anytime and enjoy free coffee, play GameCube or Wii, have a power nap on the couch or enjoy an after work beer or cider.

If you’re lucky, our Coldbrew person made some fresh Coldbrew you can enjoy for free as well!

Usually we offer following drinks and food:

  • Free coffee
  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Club Mate
  • Pizza
  • Ice cream during the summer


You’re fed up with the food the canteen of TU Wien provides and you can’t smell Döner, noodles or McDonald’s any more? Just come to our kitchen and prepare a fresh dish from scratch by yourself! We provide you with a full fledged kitchen including a toaster, filter coffee machine, fully automatic coffee machine and a waffle maker. The shelves are packed with all common kitchen amenities. You are allowed to use basic ingredients like oil, spices and all kinds of other stuff lying around in the kitchen that doesn’t have a name on it for free.

You are allowed to store food in the fridge but you have to put your name on it and take care that it won’t spoil!

House rules

Many people come and got into the Fachschaft and by doing so, it is very important that everyone looks to one another and acts fairly.

  • If you use the dishes (cups, glasses, plates, cutlery, …) wash them afterwards or put them into the dishwasher before you leave the place.
  • Respect other people if they try to concentrate while studying and don’t disturb them with noise or food smells.
  • Please make sure that you leave the room as clean and tidy as when you arrive. That includes putting your used dishes into the dishwasher and getting rid of any dirt like crumbles or spilled drinks. Return any cables or spare displays you might have used to where you got them from.
  • Put a name on the food you store in the fridge and make sure to finish it or throw it away if it spoiled.