Current regulations

  • There will be no lecture-free time this semester. Thus lectures and exams can also occur in summer (this semester lasts until the end of September)
  • The grace period for this semester has been prolonged until June 30th, tuition fees can be paid until then.
  • The admission period for the next semester (WS 20/21) has been extended to September 30th.
  • Curricula that are announced by 01 September 2020 are valid from 01 October 2020.
  • With the new regulation the Rectorate can issue their own ECTS-limit regarding the StEOP. Meaning lectures going beyond the limit of 22 ECTS outside of the StEOP can still be completed (this, however, has not finally been decided yet).
  • Administrative leaves can be canceled before their official end. A dedicated “Covid-19 leave” has been introduced, enabling laborers occupied in the public sector (community service, harvest auxiliary) to take such a leave. In this case the tuition fee that has already been paid for the semester is refunded. However, the “Covid-19 leave” can not be canceled before its official end.
  • Exams can now be legally held online. Previous grades are retained and are not nullified, even if they were achieved in a legal grey area.
  • If an exam is terminated due to technical issues, the attempt is not counted as an official exam attempt.
  • Expiring studies/degrees are prolonged for 1 semester.
  • Erasmus: There is no redemption claim, if the stay (partially) takes place during this summer semester. Allowances and grants during this semester (SS20) are prolonged for 1 semester. The maximum age for obtainment is raised by 6 months.

If you have any questions regarding the current regulations, feel free to contact us.

[Update 31.03.2020] To all recipients of scholarships or “Studienbeihilfen”
The summer semester 2020 is treated as a “neutral semester”, i.e. your entitlement period is extended by one semester if you still were within your entitlement period during winter semester 2019/20 or summer semester 2020. For more information follow this link:

Due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases, the federal government of Austria has decided on Tuesday, March 10th 2020, that all university operations have to be suspended until April 4th. At the same time, all indoor events with more than 100 attendees and all outdoor events with more than 500 attendees are cancelled.

Until the end of semester distant learning is enforced. After the legally required shut down, a limited number of lectures and exams could take place. Students are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible.

What should I do if I think I am infected?

If you are experiencing common symptoms of COVID-19, you should call 1450. Specialists will inform you about the next steps. Don’t visit your general health practitioner. Inform TU at coronainfo@tuwien.ac.at -Universities are obligated to report cases to the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

Can I learn in at Fachschaft during the lockdown?

Unfortunately all Fachschaften are closed during this period. At FSWINF, we cannot answer any phone calls. However, we will answer emails as usual. Drop us an email at fachschaft[at]winf.at for general inquires or at beratung[at]winf.at for questions about your studies.

Can I learn somewhere on the University campus?

Sadly, neither the library nor study rooms are open.

How will an exam look like during the lockdown?

    • Max. 100 people will be permitted in a room. (Exams with >100 attendees will be split in multiple rooms)
    • 1-2m distance will be kept between attendees
    • handshakes should be avoided
    • During the exam, at least one seat will be kept free between attendees. Every other row shall be kept free.

Exams can be cancelled by the lecture team. In this case, a replacement must be provided after April 16th.

* Update [March 13rd]: All written exams will be cancelled starting from Monday, March 16th. Oral exams, diploma examinations and doctoral vivae are still taking place with the following safety precautions in place, according to https://www.tuwien.at/coronavirus/.
Safety gaps of minimum 1.5 metres have to be observed. In addition to the candidate and the examiner or board of examiners respectively, a maximum of 4 other persons are allowed in the room as audience in adherence to the safety gap guideline.

What should I do if I am stuck in quarantine and cannot attend lectures?

You should contact the lecture team and insist on providing you an alternative way to complete the lecture. If that doesn’t work, write us an email at beratung[at]winf.at and we will do our best to help you.

I have an exercise group next week with mandatory attendance. Will it be cancelled? Am I going to be deregistered if I don’t attend?

All group exercise are cancelled, unless they are on the exemption list (see Coronavirus | TU Wien). The mandatory attendance rule is lifted during the lock down. Exercises may still take place, for example, electronically via TUWEL uploads. You won’t be deregistered automatically.

Is there a special rule for government subsidies/semester count/delay in studies? What happens if I have to study longer because of the Coronavirus? Will I still get government subsidies? …

You can find answers from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research to these questions here: https://www.bmbwf.gv.at/Themen/Hochschule-und-Universität/Aktuelles/corona/corona_faq.html (in German)
We will provide you detailed and especially TU specific infos as soon as we know about them.

Opening hours of other TU-institutions

Is the admission office (Studienabteilung) and the dean’s office opened?
-> Yes, but you can only visit after making an appointment.

Is the HTU/Fachschaft opened?
-> They are currently not open to the public, they are, however, reachable by email.

Will office hours of professors or institutes still take place? Especially regarding the sales of lecture scripts and access to corrected exams.
-> You can only visit after making an appointment.

Are there any lectures specific rules?

There is a list here: wiki.fsinf.at/wiki/LVA-Reaktionen_auf_Coronavirus (in German).
You may add more if you have the infos.