Long Night of Studying 2023

It’s that time again! The exam period starts and nobody knows how to find enough time to study. If it gets too late, then even the library isn’t an option any more.

Together with the Fachschaft Informatik, also this semester we will offer you the rooms in the Treitlstraße, to study there all night long.

Date: Tue, 20.06.
From 18:00
Until: [open end]

Following rooms will be open:

  • Informatik Hörsaal
  • FS Inf
  • FS Winf
  • Seminarraum DE0110

Snacks and softdrinks are free; beer (only to consume in the Fachschafts rooms), Mate and the usual things can be bought as usual.

Some catering will also be provided!

We are looking forward to you!

Link to the event-platform: https://events.htu.at/events/6752badf-16df-4294-8aef-1d3e86c7f977