Save your Fachschaft!

If you don’t vote for our candidates during the ÖH Elections, our current Student Union may no longer exist in the future!

Dear student of Business Informatics or Data Science,

We have four counter-candidates of the Student Union for Informatics. Their slogan “One faculty means: one Student Union” questions our very existence.

To guarantee that we will further be able to offer our services to you, it’s important to vote for all 5 candidates of the Student Union for Business Informatics and Data Science in the upcoming ÖH Elections on 27 – 29 of May (you may vote for all 5 candidates). Our candidates are:

  • GYENES László
  • KOWARIK Martin
  • KRONEDER Michael
  • SINGH Manpreet
  • ZLATUNIĆ Ivana

Thanks to your vote, in the last two years we were able to offer you, amongst other things, the following:

  • IT-Talk
  • Company workshops
  • Freshers tutorials
  • Winfnachten
  • Advice in a variety of topics (start to study, Erasmus, transition rules, etc)
  • Contributions to the Curricula, to give you more freedom
  • and much more!

Your vote counts! Please vote! More information:

Best regards,
your Student Union for Business Informatics and Data Science