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25 years old, 4. Semester, master programme Data Science Gwen has been studying at TU Wien since 2014 and wants
24 years old, 10. Semester, Master programme Data Science and Media and Human-Centered Computing Dominik studies at TU Vienna since
22 years old, 6th Semester, Bachelor SE & Business Informatics Whether in the senate, the university-level student’s representation or in
26 years old, 10. Semester, Bachelor programme Business Informatics Cheers dear fellow students, My name is Laurenz and I am
21 years old, 6. semester, bachelor‘s program Business Informatics / Media Informatics and Visual Computing) Linda has been studying at
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ÖH Elections are going on again. WE need YOUR vote!
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Servus and welcome to all old and new students. Despite the circumstances, we want to make sure that you have
A gathering of like-minded students interested in IT and speakers from the industry and science giving talks about Big Data,
Dear master students come to Master Minds and take the opportunity to meet your fellow master students from Informatics, Business