Long Night of Studying 2023

It’s that time again! The exam period starts and nobody knows how to find enough time to study. If it gets too late, then even the library isn’t an option any more.

Together with the Fachschaft Informatik, also this semester we will offer you the rooms in the Treitlstraße, to study there all night long.

Date: Tue, 20.06.
From 18:00
Until: [open end]

Following rooms will be open:

  • Informatik Hörsaal
  • FS Inf
  • FS Winf
  • Seminarraum DE0110

Snacks and softdrinks are free; beer (only to consume in the Fachschafts rooms), Mate and the usual things can be bought as usual.

Some catering will also be provided!

We are looking forward to you!

Link to the event-platform: https://events.htu.at/events/6752badf-16df-4294-8aef-1d3e86c7f977


Inflation is also greatly affecting the universities, which are already ravaged by insufficient funding. The TU Wien alone is facing additional costs of over 170 million euros in part due to rising heating and electricity costs. Even with the toughest cost-cutting measures, the additional budget of almost 60 million euros promised by the Ministry of Education is far from enough to plug the budget hole.

The consequences are already becoming apparent: cuts in laboratory budgets, hiring freezes, and reduced teaching and research budgets, but also cold lecture halls, closed learning rooms, and further online-only semesters.

We have until November 11th to convince the Ministry of Education to increase the currently planned budget to meet the reality. To remind the decision makers of the importance TU Wien has for society and let alone us students, we are planning to take action on Monday, November 7th. Together with the rectorate, lecturers, and the entire TU Wien, we are going to protest for an adequate education budget.

IT.talk 2022

A gathering of like-minded students interested in Business Informatics and Data Science and speakers from the industry and science giving talks about Digitalization, Product Ownership and Data Science in practice. See you at IT.talk 2022!


Bachelor & Master Q&A

You came to the Masters’ welcome but you still have questions? Then join us at our Q&A sessions!

Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik

When? Monday, 10. Oct at 17:00

Where? In the Fachschafts room (Treitlstraße 3, 1. Stock)
you can find the exact location here: winf.at/en/contact/

Master Business Informatics, Master Data Science

When? Wednesday, 12. Oct at 19:00

Where? In the Fachschafts room (Treitlstraße 3, 1. Stock)
you can find the exact location here: winf.at/en/contact/

Lange Nacht des Lernens

The exam season is coming…

We want to support you in the final sprint of the semester. That is why, together with the Fachschaft Informatik, we will open the lecture and study rooms in Treitlstraße for a whole night.

date: Mon, 20.06.
from: 18:00
to: [open end]

Following rooms will be open:

  • Informatik Hörsaal (from 21:00)
  • FS Inf
  • ZID computer room
  • FS Winf
  • Seminarraum DE0110

Snacks und Softdrinks sind gratis; Bier (nur in den Fachschaften zu konsumieren), Mate und das übliche Sortiment gibt es wie immer zu kaufen.

Snacks and soft drinks are for free; beer (only to consume in the the Fachschafts-rooms), Mate and the usual offerings can be, as usual, bought.

In addition, at around 19:30 there will be free pizza at the Fachschafts-rooms.

We are looking forward to you!

link to the eventplatform: https://events.htu.at/events/d7bdc5e0-453f-4b34-9800-f917bb0a2428

Tuition fees extension curricula

Dear students of extension curricula!

Some of you probably got a notification or a warning in TISS that you need to pay tuition fees for your extension curriculum.

THIS IS NOT CORRECT. Theoretically now you would need to file a request of waiver of tuition fees; the HTU chair however, is already holding talks with the admission office to clear up the situation.

We want to encourage you NOT to pay the tuition fees and ignore the notification until the situation is cleared up.

We will keep you posted!


+++ UPDATE +++

As a short-term solution the filled out form “Antrag auf Erlass” needs to be sent to the admission office together with a confirmation of studies and the student id. An email to studienabteilung@tuwien.ac.at with the documents attached  is sufficient.

Long-term the problem will be saved with a TISS implementation (hopefully next semester). With this the tuition fees should be registered automatically.

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