News about the upcoming semester!

Dear Students,

we hope you had a pleasant summer vacation and are up to the challenges of the next semester!

Some topics we want to inform you about:

Web Engineering canceled!

The mandatory course Web Engineering will not be held during the upcoming semester. The following statement can be found on TISS:

“Please note: This course cannot be offered in WS 2019/20 and will be offered again in SS 2020.
Students, who might suffer a study delay, can complete the LVA 185.A01 2VU Object-oriented Programming Techniques in WS 2019/20 instead of the LVA 188.951 2VU Web Engineering. In case that these students have already passed Object-oriented Programming Techniques to fulfill the transfer rules for 8VU Algorithms and Datastructures, these students may choose any course of SPF/INT – Schwerpunkt Informationstechnologie or SPF/WIN – Schwerpunkt Wirtschaftsinformatik of the winter term 2019/20.”

Data Science – Number of mandatory Tracks

The number of mandatory specialization tracks (“Schlüsselbereiche”) was reduced from “at least three out of four tracks” to “at least two out of four” tracks. This implies less restrictions regarding the study plan. For further details check out the curricula, page 3. The changes are already decided by the study commission, yet are not visible yet.

VO / VU Private Law

Because of a wrong study plan assignment in TISS the course VO Private Law was part of the bachelor study plan Business Informatics. This course is not part of the stud plan. The course which is part of the study plan is VU Private Law. Everyone who already completed the VO course is allowed to use it instead of the VU. Regarding further questions please consult the dean of student affairs, Christian Huemer.

New specialization tracks – Bachelor Business Informatics!

New specialization tracks (domain information technology and Business and Economics) are available now.

Some examples are…

  • Functional Programming, Introduction to Visual Computing,
    Data and Information law – Exercises, …
  • Fundamentals of Work Science, Industrial Informationsystems, Investment and Finance 2, Advanced Macroeconomics, …

These courses are not present in the curricula, yet are decided by the study commission and therefore present in TISS.

Should any questions arise, please don’t hesitate to contact us via